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Are you ready to embark on a journey towards holistic health and well-being?

Discover Your Why: Say Goodbye to Emotional Exhaustion and Fatigue!

Feeling overwhelmed by the ups and downs of life? Are you tired of feeling tired? It’s time to take control and change your life dramatically!
There are only two crucial days in life – the day you’re born and the day you discover why. Don’t you want to find out your “why” and unlock your true potential?
If you’re ready to transform your life, let’s discover your “why” together. Say goodbye to emotional exhaustion and fatigue, and hello to a purpose-driven life. It all starts with taking that next step – are you ready?

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Quantum Body Scan Packages

The Quantum Resonance magnetic analyser is a non-invasive and painless body scanner that can predict the precursor
of disease by capturing the pathological changes of cells.

vitamin and mineral scan foods

Vitamin, Mineral & Collagen Deficiency

The Vitamin, Mineral and Collagen Deficiency Scan is a 30min one-on-one session only.

vitamins and minerals and collagen deficiency scan plus manual

Vitamin, Mineral & Collagen Deficiency Plus Manual

This Scan is a 30min one-on-one session only. FREE “BIM” PDF Manual worth R275.

full body scan

Full Body Quantum Scan

The Full Body Scan is a 60min one-on-one session only.

full body scan plus manual

Full Body Quantum Scan Plus Manual

The Full Body Scan is a 60min one-on-one session only. FREE “BIM” PDF Manual worth R275.

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Discover Your Why: Say Goodbye to Emotional Exhaustion and Fatigue!

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About me

I’m a Holistic Counsellor
and Mindset Coach

With over 14 years of experience in the Alternative Health Field, I have immersed myself in the realms of Emotional and Thought Field Tapping, serving as a Mindset Coach. My journey into this transformative practice was catalyzed by a life-altering event—a severe motor accident that abruptly terminated my sports career and necessitated neck fusions. This firsthand experience illuminated the profound connection between emotions, thoughts, and physical well-being.


What customers are saying…

Dear Kathleen, I just want to say that for about a year, maybe longer, I struggled with body aches and had almost no energy. Since I have been using the castor oil for about the last 3 months, I have no body aches and my energy levels have improved a lot. I drink the castor oil as you said. Thank you very much. People don't understand that severe fatigue, that you can't even lift your arms.


I've been using the Pure Organic Castor Oil for a few weeks now, and I'm absolutely amazed by the results! Not only has it helped clear up my stubborn acne, but my skin feels incredibly soft and hydrated. It's like a natural elixir for my complexion. Plus, knowing that it's sourced from India and comes in that gorgeous Amber Glass Tamper Proof bottle adds to the premium feel. This product has truly become a staple in my skincare routine. Highly recommended!


Kathy has the most prominent display of honesty. Our meetings were the most effective and special ones. Since I've used her supplements, they have helped me in so many ways. I love what she's doing because helping people is her passion.


Kathy helped me quickly and effectively with a health issue that I was struggling with. She is professional and caring and made me feel at ease. I highly recommend her services.


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